Did You Know That (About Animals) - 20

  • An insect known as cockroach can live up to one week without its head.

  • Okapi is an animal which has very long tongue which is blue in colour.

  • Giraffe is the only animal born with horns.

  • Giraffe is the animal which has no vocal cord.

  • Polar bear is the only mammal with hair on the soles of its feet.

  • Kangaroo is the only mammal that cannot walk backward.

  • Rabbit is the only animal that can see behind it without turning its head.

  • Rat is the world's most destructive mammal, other than man.

  • Snail has four noses.

  • A mosquito has no teeth however it has 47 sharp edges like teeth present in proboscis that is used for piercing into skin or through the layer of clothes.


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