Did You Know That (About Human Body) - 9

  • When your face blushes so does your stomach lining.

  • Women blink twice as much as men.

  • Women's hearts beat faster than men.

  • You can't tickle yourself. Because your brain distinguishes between unexpected external touch and your own touch.

  • Your pupils dilate when you're looking at someone you love. 

  • It is impossible for most people to lick their own elbow. 

  • The hardest substance in the human body is enamel. 

  • A small area in the brain called the amygdala is responsible for your ability to read someone else's face for clues to how they are feeling. Without any words, you may be able to determine if someone is in a good mood, is feeling sad, or is angry just reading the face.

  • Anomia is the technical word for tip-of-the-tongue syndrome when you can almost remember a word, but it just won't quite come to you.


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