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  • How to remove those irritating stains?

    • How to remove hair dye stain from skin?

      • Soak cotton with dettol-antiseptic liquid.

      • Gently rub it on the stain.

    • How to remove chewing gum?

      • Put ice cubes into a plastic bag.

      • Place it on top of the chewing gum to harden it.

      • Slowly scrape the gum off.

      • To remove chewing gum from clothes.

      • Place a cardboard paper on the top of the gum.

      • Iron the affected area with normal setting (increase heat if needed).

      • The gum should transfer to the paper.

    • How to remove dust from artificial flowers?

      • Pour some aslt into a paper bag.

      • Put the flowers upside down in the bag.

      • Hold the opening tightly and shake vigorously.

      • Salt will absorb all the dust and dirt and leave your artificial flowers looking like new. 

    • How to remove stains and add shine to window panes and mirrors?

      • Add a drop of vinegar to warm water.

      • Wash the glass or mirror with the solution.

      • Wipe with crunched up newspaper until dry and shiny. they will sparkle like new.

    • How to remove red wine stains?

      • Gently squeeze in good club soda water.

      • Then, was with soap and water.

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