What are the Impacts of Computer in Society?

In the world today, computer awareness, use and its impact is increasing in a very high speed day by day. Compared to other technologies, it is developing and changing very frequently. It is a multi-dimensional technology, which can create a multidimensional effect in the all round development of the person, the society and the country. It can help the society providing quality service cost effectively. That is why people are adapting this technology very fast. At present, we have seen that people from different sectors like doctors, engineers, managers, teachers, researchers, businessmen, industrialists and students etc. are using the computers. Using this technology, they are increasing their living standards, economic status, and personal working capacity and so on.

It can bring rapid progress and prosperity in the country. To develop the country and society, the revolution of agriculture had taken more than thousand years and the industrial revolution had taken about a century. But the revolution of technology has taken only about 25 years to change the society and country. It is a very fast changing technology, which can accelerate the developing speed of the nation. It can bring fast economical revolution to the country. It can quickly change the life style to bring prosperity. Therefore, it can impact the society in multiple ways.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of the technology.

Positive Impacts of computer in society:

•    Aid to handicapped

•    Benefit of greater personal efficiency

•    Better information retrieval

•    Better service

•    Educational benefits

•    Employment benefit

•    Greater efficiency

•    Higher quality product

•    Improved safety

•    Personal finance benefits

•    Recreational and educational benefit

Negative Impacts of computer in society:

•    Employment problem

•    Freedom restrictions

•    Privacy control

•    System security problem

•    The privacy issue

•    The threat to access by the hackers

•    The threat to the system security.

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