What is Software Acquisition?

In general, the way in which different software are made available to user is software acquisition. 
It is the act or process of acquiring software in different ways like purchasing, downloading free from internet or getting it bundled along with hardware, etc is called software acquisition.

Different kinds of software are made available for users in different ways and in different formats. The different ways in which software are made available to users are:

  • Demo software: Demo software is a trial version of software program designed to demonstrate what purchased version of the software is capable of doing. In demo software there is a restricted set of features like limited interface, not accessible some features, etc. The user must buy the software for full features.

  • Shareware: Shareware software can be used on a trial basis. It is provided as demos for trial but for a limited time. Once trial period expires, the user must buy or pay for the software in order to continue using it.

  • Freeware: This software is free for personal use. 

  • Retail software: It is of-the-shelf software sold in retail stores. The users need to buy it before using it. Examples: Microsoft Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office, etc.

  • Open-Source software: It is the software whose source code is available and can be customized and altered within the specified guidelines laid by the creator. Examples: Linux, Apache, Open office, etc.

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