Evolution of Internet

  • 1957: The Soviet  Union launched Sputnik, the first manmade satellite.
  • 1958: Establishment of Advanced Research Project Agency Network (ARPANET) by US department of Defense. (DoD).
  • 1966: ARPA called for several research institutions to come together to build computer network.
  • 1969: ARPANET launched the the first computer network with 4 computers.
  • 1977: The network grew to 111 computers.
  • 1983: The military sector ARPANET left the network to become MILNET.
  • 1985-86: 5 supercomputers centers formed a network called NSFNet (National Science Foundation Network). Many computer network shifted from ARPANET to NSFNet. This system of interconnected computer became known as the internet.
  • 1989: Tim Berners-Lee invented the WWW.
  • 1991: The WWW became available to the public.
  • 2014: 1 billion websites on the internet.

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