What is Netiquette?

What is Internet Etiquette?
  • Netiquette stands for Internet Etiquette, and refers to the set of practices created over the years to make the internet experience pleasant for everyone. Like other foms of etiquette, netiquette is primarily concerned with matters of courtesy in communications.
  • Netiquette of sending:
    • Be brief
    • Use white space
    • Use descriptive subject line
    • Stay on-topic
    • Be careful while sending attachments
    • Copy the minimum number of people
    • Include you email address
    • Avoid flaming
  • Netiquette of replying:
    • Replying and forwarding
    • Summarize for the group
    • Check current information before replying
    • Reference past communications
    • Acknowledge important communications
  • Netiquette of confidentially:
    • Don't publicize other's email addresses
    • Never send what you don't read
    • Remember archiving
    • Respect copyright

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