Nepali Driving License Check Online

Is your driving license original?
Simply type the license number exactly as appeared in the card [if there is hypen (-) in the number, type it also as: 00-00-00000000].
  • Type the license number on the box given.
  • We tried to update some of the license details in our website. All the details displayed on this site about license are from the official source and we like to ensure we tried to keep the details as same as from the source. We just tried to make the details easy to access. 
  • Some old licenses may not be enlisted as recently updating the smart licenses and other lists are being updated frequently.
  • If the license name and number in your license card do not match with the given list, probably it may not be valid license. 
  • If the license number in your card is listed with another name, the license may be invalid or fake.
  • If your name or license number is not listed, it may be in updating lists. So check the list frequently.
  • We will be updating the list as far as possible. and updating the information via our facebook page. Like our facebook page and keep on visiting here to check the updated details. 
  • If there are some errors, please mail us and we will be verifying as soon as possible. 
  • The data posted here are just from the data displayed by the office/server. We are not responsible if there are some problems with the data. We can mail you the required snapshot if you require them. Just send us with the snapshot of the driving license.
  • Department of Transport Management (Nepal) has launched digital record system which will enable driving license holders to check the legal status of their license online in its website. The department launched this facility under the e-governance initiative for the public after the number of people holding fake driving licenses went up.
  • We will be updating the list as far as possible. So keep on visiting here to check the updated details.
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