Class 9 Account 2080 First Mid Term Practice Question Set 1

First Mid-Term Examination-2080

Practice Question Set 1

Class: IX                Subject: Account                Time: 1.5 hrs                   F.M.: 37         

         Group A
[Very Short Question Answers]          [1X4=4]
1. Define Office.
2. Write the types of office assistant
3. Who propounded Double Entry System of Book Keeping?
4. Write the full form of CEO

        Group B
[Short Question Answer]                    [5X5=25]
5. Who is an office chief? Mention his / her functions.
6. State any five differences between government office & business office
7. Define single entry system. Explain its features.
8. What is financial resources? State the sources of financial resources.
9. What are physical resources? Explain their types.

        Group C
 [Long Question Answer]                  [8X1=8]
10. Explain the qualifications required to be an office assistant.

The End

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