Class 1 English First Mid Term 2080 Exam Question Paper Set 1

First Mid-Term Examination-2080

Exam Question Paper Set 1

Class: I        Subject: English       Time:1 hr       F.M.:25

1)  Read the following text and answer the following questions.
Cow is a domestic animal. Cow has two eyes. Cow has four legs and two sharp horns. Cow gives us milk. Cow eats green grass, hay, vegetables, etc.

    a)  Answer the following questions.                          2x3=6
        i)  What type of animal is a cow?
        ii)  How many legs does cow have?
        iii) What do we get from cow?

    b) Fill in the blanks.                                                    1x4=4
        i) Cow has ………… sharp horns.
        ii) Cow has ………. eyes.
        iii) Cow……. green grass, hay, vegetable etc.
        iv) Cow gives us…………….

2)  Fill in the blanks with ‘a’ and ‘an’.                          1x4=4
    a)    _______ apple
    b)    ________ cucumber
    c)    _________ book
    d)    _______   orange

3)    Change into plurals.                                                 1x3=3
    a)    dog
    b)    cap
    c)    ball

4)    Match the following.                                                1x3=3
    a)    Cow                Bow wow
    b)    Goat                Moo Moo
    c)    Dog                 Maa Maa

5)    Write five sentences about 'Myself'.                              5

The End

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